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Online Booking

Welcome to the online appointment request page!

To request an appointment, please complete the following steps:

Please note that your appointment request will be reviewed within 24 hours of booking online - you will receive an email with a confirmation of acceptance.


There are two options for appointments - Full-Service Bath & Full-Service Haircut, both services include nail trim & ear cleaning.


Self-Wash is available from 8am-5:30pm Thursday - Sunday, No Appointment Needed!

Phone number & Email Address MUST be given in order for appointment to be accepted!

Add-ons can be added to your ticket on the day of service - be sure to let your groomer know if you would like to add: 

  • Nail-Trimming/Grinding 

  • Teeth Brushing

  • De-shedding Treatment

  • Gland Expression

  • Pad Conditioning

  • Paw Pad Trimming

  • Sanitary Trim

**Any hair trimming besides paw pad or sanitary trimming needs to be booked as a Full-Service Haircut

Feel free to call the shop 636.778.0966 or email us if you have any questions or issues with booking!

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